Raleigh, North Carolina has a booming real estate industry. You can profit from this real estate boom as an investor by purchasing an investment property.

Raleigh draws professionals in tons of industries, with a large concentration of businesses in the area focusing on the information technology and biotechnology sectors. The number of people moving to the city looking for work will give you a sizable pool of potential tenants.

Universities like Duke University and the University of North Carolina are located in Raleigh. This means that if you invest in Raleigh, you may also be able to rent your property to students.

We’ll go over the best areas to invest in Raleigh to help you make an informed decision about where to purchase a property. In this region of North Carolina, you’ll be able to choose which communities match your investment objectives and target market. 

Find out more below about the best neighborhoods and surrounding communities in Raleigh to buy investment properties.

Downtown South

In Downtown South of Raleigh, real estate investors will discover a wealth of prospects for profit.

This area continues to make progress, in particular, a 140-acre mixed-use village is being built as an entertainment district in the middle of a big soccer stadium. There are also tons of residences, hotels, shops, and offices being constructed.

Aerial shot of downtown Raleigh

You can decide to purchase a rental aimed at folks who want to live close to a popular entertainment location. You might alternatively decide to put money into the home developments that are now being built in the Downtown South region for families and professionals who want to relocate there.


Fuquay-Varina is another rapidly expanding neighborhood where real estate investors can benefit from. It is close to the well-known Research Triangle Park. It’s also an excellent area for businesses because there are many affordable property alternatives there. 

As an investor, you may choose to buy commercial properties and target companies in Fuquay-Varina that are wanting to expand. They can run their operations here more affordable, and the infrastructure is also reliable, making it very appealing to business owners.


Durham is a neighborhood northwest of downtown Raleigh that is very promising for real estate investors. This area has the capability of becoming a success for this market because of the tendency of more people to move here from larger cities.

Living in Durham has a lot of benefits. Because of its unique culture, the community is more diversified. Numerous renowned tech firms, including Google, are driving Durham’s transformation into a more modern city. In fact, it intends to build a center that will create more than a thousand job opportunities.

As a real estate investor, you can decide to get a jump on the market and buy some properties that will undoubtedly increase in value as more developments are finished in Durham. You can strive to create rental properties that appeal to professionals working in the IT sector.


In the past 20 years, Clayton, which is southeast of downtown Raleigh, has received more than five times as many residents. It was formerly only recognized for its agricultural contributions.

Happy family of four smiling in front of a window

However, there have been changes in the neighborhood, including several new construction sites in front of the new 540 route. Clayton is anticipated to have a lot of growth in the foreseeable future. Investors in real estate still have the option to buy more land and turn it into apartments with competitive rental rates.


Knightdale is located east of the city center. It makes a good home for people who want to live in Raleigh but work elsewhere. Plans for development are also in the works in Knightdale and young investors are purchasing residences in the region.

Due to Knightdale’s endearing atmosphere and diverse population, prominent businesses are focusing on embracing the workforce diversity and inclusion that is already prominent here.

For new residents who wish to get to Raleigh in about 10 minutes, it’s a popular neighborhood to live in. The culture in Knightdale is described as being young and lively. In addition, it’s a community where entrepreneurship is strongly encouraged. As a result, the area draws entrepreneurs who want to base their innovative businesses here.

Holly Springs

As the future 540 route is expected to be completed, people are anticipating Holly Springs to be at the center of development. Therefore, there is a huge possibility that your investment may generate enormous returns if you decide to invest right now. The rationale is that there is still plenty of room in this area for infrastructural development.

In Holly Springs, pharmaceutical company Amgen is building a multimillion-dollar production complex. This will attract people looking for housing in Holly Springs as a result of the expansion of employment options. This anticipated influx of new residents presents an ideal opportunity for real estate investors.

Person sitting on a couch, holding a notebook and using their laptop

A multi-billion-dollar manufacturing facility will be built by Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, a different biopharmaceutical company, creating more jobs.

More professionals will look to relocate to this neighborhood, which will increase the demand for rental homes. However, long-term renters will remain in the community as long as there are prospects for stable work.

The Best Raleigh Real Estate Markets in a Nutshell

The city core’s west, south, and east regions are the most promising. Most of the areas are located along the current and proposed route of the 540 highway, which, once built, will encircle the metro area and be concentric with the older, inner 440 loop that circles the city core. 

The areas filling into the south and east are the most interesting for investment; the north, which was developed first, is today where the greatest money has been invested. 

Nevertheless, one advantage of Raleigh’s layout is that you can reach many parts of the metro area from wherever you are in approximately a half-hour.

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