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Owning and renting your property can be one of the best decisions that you can make for your wallet and ROI. However, renting out a property comes with a lot of challenges, especially if you decide to self-manage your rental business.

To make owning a rental property easier, you can rely on the #1 property management company in Morrisville, Keyrenter Raleigh. We have been in operation for nearly a decade and have established ourselves as the go-to company for management and property investment in Raleigh and the surrounding areas.

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What separates us from the competition in Morrisville is our ability to customize our services to meet our clients’ needs. While Keyrenter Raleigh offers a wide range of property solutions, we know that each property has a unique set of problems. That’s why we design and implement a tailor-made solution for each client.

Give your tenants the best experience possible by contracting the leading service provider in the area. Contact Keyrenter Raleigh today and receive a quote for our services.

Our Property Management Services

Keyrenter Raleigh has grown in reputation and now manages hundreds of properties in North Carolina. Our team is relied upon by property landlords to meet expectations on a daily basis. Find out about our wide range of property services and solutions below

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Setting the Rent Price

To get the best returns from your Morrisville rental property, you need to have an accurate rental rate. If you charge more than other properties in your market, you may struggle to fill vacancies. If you charge too little, you might be unable to break even or make mortgage payments.

Once hired, the team from Keyrenter Raleigh will research your neighborhood for comparable homes, looking for rental properties that match yours in amenities and square footage. We also take into account the unique amenities and features that you have on your property.

Rental Marketing and Advertising

Before we start advertising your property, we make sure it’s renter ready. A renter-ready property is one that a tenant can move into almost immediately.

Our team will optimize the interior, ensure the landscape is in its best condition, and also make recommendations if we see opportunities for improvement.

After preparing the rental, we take high-quality photos. These will be used along with a short but engaging description of the property to create a customized ad.

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Our experienced crew knows the best means of distribution. We also have a wide network of realtors and agents with whom we have worked with over the years. It will only be a matter of time until you have secured a tenant for your property.

Preparing the Lease

A lease document is a contract that dictates the terms of the lease between the landlord and the tenant. It also outlines the obligations and responsibilities of both parties. In addition, the lease must comply with county, state, and federal laws.
You can rely on the team from Keyrenter Raleigh to prepare a tailor-made lease agreement for your Morrisville property. With Keyrenter Raleigh as your property manager, our experienced team will ensure that every provision of the agreement is followed to a T.

Collecting and Reviewing Rent

To enjoy the benefits of leasing a property, you must have a rent collection system in place. This ensures that every month or quarter reminders are sent and the full amount is collected from your renters. There is always the possibility of rent defaulters as well.

The experts from Keyrenter Raleigh are here to make sure that every month you receive the full amount from your Morrisville rental property.

Our Guarantees

As the rated property management company in Morrisville, Keyrenter Raleigh has the following guarantees:

  • Eviction Guard: Keyrenter Raleigh has a low eviction rate of under 1%. In addition, we promise to cover any eviction costs (limit of $1,500) should the tenant be placed by our team.
  • Tenant Guarantee: We are confident of our tenant screening process. Should the tenant terminate the lease before its expiry, there will be no extra costs to you.
  • Pet Guard: Our capable team will screen all potential pets to ensure that the animal is a good fit for your rental property.
  • Maintenance Guarantee: Keyrenter Raleigh has a wide network of professionals and we promise that your property will always be in a good condition.
Morrisville is an ideal location for those looking for a place away from the urban frenzy that still maintains proximity to bigger cities like Raleigh. Professionals and government employees chose to make the commute and enjoy all the amenities available in Morrisville.

Families and households love the suburb because of its quality education system. The public district has proved itself over the years with several achievements under its belt. Green Hope High School, Morrisville Elementary, and Davis Drive Middle School are some of the notable mentions.

There are also a few universities that make great in-state options for the kids once high school is over. Duke University, North Carolina University, and William Peace University are the stand-out mentions.

With its quality amenities, vibrant culture and diversity, more individuals and households have been attracted to what Morrisville has to offer. As a result, the population has been growing steadily over the years. This is a good sign for property investors looking for a new market to invest in.

Part of the growth can be attributed to the increased job opportunities in Morrisville and its environs. Some of the notable companies that employ thousands in the area include Ascom, Fast Lane, Alliance Once, Lenovo, and Aggregates East.

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Areas We Serve

We proudly offer our property management services to rental property owners in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Knightdale, Garner, Holly Springs, Wake Forest, Wake County, Apex, Cary, Durham, Clayton, and Fuquay-Varina.