Are you working on advertising your Raleigh rental property? With the power of social media and digital advertising, it has never been easier to reach potential tenants. You can reach thousands of people without having to spend a lot of money. 

There are a lot of ways to advertise your property, both online and offline. In this blog post, we will share some tips on how to advertise your Raleigh rental property successfully. 

So whether you’re using online or offline methods, be sure to follow these tips to advertise your property effectively. 

Take High-Quality Photos and Videos

It is important to take photos and videos of your rental property from every angle to advertise it successfully. Potential renters will want as much info about the property as they can get. The photos should include what the property looks like inside and out. 

Be sure to include pictures of all rooms as well as any outdoor spaces. If you’ve done any recent property renovations, consider highlighting those. If you have a video camera, you could also create a short video tour of the property.

Use Natural Lighting 

When taking photos, try to use natural lighting whenever possible. If you need to use a flash, make sure that the room is evenly lit and there are no dark shadows. It is also a good idea to take close-up shots as well as wide shots so that potential renters can get a sense of the layout of the space.

Person looking through settings on a DSLR camera

Write a Catchy Description 

Once you have some visuals, it’s time to start promoting your property online. Before you begin, you need to write a description that explains every feature of the property. No matter which platforms you choose to list your rental on, include clear and concise descriptions of your property. 

Use Rental Listing Websites 

One of the most effective ways to advertise your property is to sign up on rental listing websites. By doing so, you will make your property visible to a wide range of potential tenants who may not have otherwise been aware of it.

Find Popular Rental Listing Websites in Raleigh

There are a lot of different rental listing websites available. It would be a good idea to do some research to find the ones that are most popular in Raleigh. This way, you can reach a wide local audience. 

Take Time to Fill in All Necessary Information 

Once you have found a few good options, take your time uploading the pictures and descriptions you have created. Use the photos you took and include as many angles as possible. 

You should also include information about the property’s location, as potential renters will want to know what neighborhood they would be moving to. Include information about special amenities or features of the property. Also make sure you include a way for potential renters to contact you so they can set up viewings or ask questions about the property. 

Overhead shot of someone's arms working on a desk with paper, a phone, and a desktop computer

Promote Your Listing on Social Media 

Promote your listing on social media, reach out to local real estate agents and make sure your contact information is easily accessible. By taking a comprehensive approach to advertising your Raleigh rental property, you will maximize your chances of finding the perfect tenant.

Create an Ad for Social Media 

When it comes to advertising your Raleigh rental property, social media is a powerful tool. You can reach a huge number of potential renters with minimal effort. All you have to do is create a well-crafted ad and post it on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Include Crucial Information  

Your ad should have several key elements, including high-quality photos or videos of your rental property, and a detailed description of the unit and any amenities. 

Write a Relevant Caption 

You should also take care to use relevant hashtags and target your ad to people who live in Raleigh or the surrounding area. If you fear data theft, don’t include contact information on social media. Alternatively, you can ask interested people to message you directly on the platform you’re using. 

Monitor Social Media Analytics

Finally, don’t forget to track your social media ad campaign and make adjustments as needed. Keep an eye on your analytics to see the engagement on your posts. If you’re not getting the results you want, try changing up the wording of your ad or posting at different times of the day. 

With a little trial and error, you’ll be able to create an effective social media campaign. 

A hand holding a phone open to Instagram analytics

Use Offline Methods 

There are still some effective offline methods of advertising your Raleigh rental property, even in the digital age. 

Hand Out Flyers

One option is to put up physical flyers and posters around town, particularly in high-traffic areas like grocery stores, laundromats, and community centers. You can also put these flyers near bus stations or traffic lights. 

Put Ads in Local Newspapers 

You can also take out ads in local newspapers or magazines. Try featuring this ad on a weekend, so that you reach out to as many people as you can. 

Partner with Local Businesses 

Another option is to partner with local businesses that are relevant to your business as a landlord, such as furniture rental companies or moving services. By working with complementary businesses, you can reach a wider audience of potential renters.

Put a Sign Outside the Property 

Go old-school and put up a sign outside the property. A “For Rent” sign can help generate interest from people who are driving or walking by. 

Make sure the sign is large and visible. You can include contact information and a brief description of the unit. You can also include pricing information, but be aware that this may deter some potential renters.

Bottom line

Now that you’ve learned a few tricks, you can get started with advertising your property. After all, you don’t want your amazing rental property to stay empty for long. 

For help with marketing and advertising your Raleigh rental property, contact Keyrenter Raleigh today! We’re a full-service property management company dedicated to making property owners’ lives easier.